Contact Us

Here is our mailing address in Italy. If you send anything it has to be written exactly like it is below so that it will make it to us. If you put Italy in the address then we’ll probably never see it! Because it’s an FPO address it ships just like US Mail!

Update: We’ve been told that USPS Priority mail is the best way to ship, that way it gets here fastest/cheapest/most reliably!

LT Jessie Gorman
PSC 827 BOX 330
FPO, AE 09617

Of course you can put Benjamin Gorman in the to line, I’ve been told it will still make it to us.

I’ll add our phone number here too when we finally get one.

Until then, there’s always skype!
Jessie’s UN: JessieLyn614
Ben’s UN: NapalmFools

ALSO. In case you were wondering… We are 6 hours ahead here in Italy from Michigan time. That means our 6pm is your noon! and so on and so forth… 🙂



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