Family Visit June 13-28

Familia love!!!

Mom, dad, nephews, aunt, and cousin here for a nice/crazy 3 week visit. Glad the pictures only capture the nice part 🙂 I don’t want to remember the stress!DSC03965 IMG_5472 IMG_5471 IMG_5470 IMG_5469 positano me and the boys positano ben and boys positano me ben boys positano me mom boys IMG_5468 IMG_5467 IMG_5465 IMG_5464 IMG_5463 IMG_5462 IMG_5461 IMG_5460 IMG_5459 IMG_5458 IMG_5457 IMG_5456 IMG_5455 IMG_5454 IMG_5453 IMG_5452 IMG_5451 IMG_5450 IMG_5449 IMG_5448 IMG_5447 IMG_5446 IMG_5445 IMG_5444 IMG_5443 IMG_5442 IMG_5441 IMG_5440 IMG_5439 IMG_5438 IMG_5437 IMG_5436 IMG_5435 IMG_5434 IMG_5432 IMG_5431 IMG_5430 IMG_5429 IMG_5428 IMG_5425 IMG_5424 IMG_5423 IMG_5422 IMG_5421 IMG_5412 IMG_5407 IMG_5405 IMG_5404 DSC04069 DSC04068 DSC04067 DSC04066 DSC04065 DSC04064 DSC04063 DSC04062 DSC04061 DSC04060 DSC04059 DSC04058 DSC04056 DSC04055 DSC04054 DSC04053 DSC04052 DSC04051 DSC04050 DSC04049 DSC04048 DSC04047 DSC04046 DSC04045 DSC04044 DSC04043 DSC04042 DSC04041 DSC04040 DSC04039 DSC04038 DSC04037 DSC04036 DSC04035 DSC04034 DSC04033 DSC04032 DSC04031 DSC04030 DSC04029 DSC04028 DSC04027 DSC04026 DSC04025 DSC04024 DSC04023 DSC04022 DSC04021 DSC04020 DSC04019 DSC04018 DSC04017 DSC04016 DSC04015 DSC04014 DSC04013 DSC04012 DSC04011 DSC04010 DSC04009 DSC04008 DSC04007 DSC04006 DSC04005 DSC04004 DSC04003 DSC04002 DSC04001 DSC04000 DSC03999 DSC03998 DSC03997 DSC03996 DSC03995 DSC03994 DSC03993 DSC03992 DSC03991 DSC03990 DSC03989 DSC03988 DSC03987 DSC03986 DSC03985 DSC03984 DSC03983 DSC03982 DSC03981 DSC03980 DSC03979 DSC03978 DSC03977 DSC03976 DSC03975 DSC03974 DSC03973 DSC03972 DSC03971 DSC03970 DSC03969 DSC03968 IMG_5403 IMG_5402 IMG_5401 IMG_5400 IMG_5399 IMG_5398 IMG_5397 IMG_5396 IMG_5395 IMG_5391 IMG_5390 IMG_5383 IMG_5382 IMG_5380 IMG_5379 IMG_5378 IMG_5377 IMG_5376 IMG_5375 IMG_5374 IMG_5373 IMG_5372 IMG_5371 IMG_5370 IMG_5369 IMG_5367 IMG_5366 IMG_5365 IMG_5364 IMG_5362 IMG_5361 IMG_5360 IMG_5355 IMG_5354 IMG_5353 IMG_5352 IMG_5351 IMG_5350 IMG_5349 IMG_5348 IMG_5344 IMG_5343 IMG_5342 IMG_5341 IMG_5340 IMG_5339 IMG_5338 IMG_5337 IMG_5311 IMG_5310 IMG_5307 IMG_5299 IMG_5298 IMG_5297 IMG_5296 IMG_5295 IMG_5294 IMG_5293 IMG_5292 IMG_5291 IMG_5290 IMG_5289 IMG_5288 IMG_5287 IMG_5286 IMG_5285 IMG_5284 IMG_5283 IMG_5282 IMG_5281 IMG_5280 IMG_5279 IMG_5278 IMG_5277 IMG_5276 IMG_5274 IMG_5272 IMG_5270 IMG_5269 IMG_5268 IMG_5267 IMG_5266 IMG_5263 IMG_5253 IMG_5252 IMG_5250 IMG_5216 IMG_5213 IMG_5198 IMG_5157 DSC03967 DSC03966


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