Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany Jan 22-26

Shortly after Bucharest, we went on our second group trip. I’m not going to lie, details of both trips get a little smushed together in my brain. It’s not easy going on a long weekend trip, working one day, and then hopping on another plane for another weeklong trip. I know, hard life/first world problems. Believe me, laundry was a dire situation for about a month after these two escapades. However, it was worth it. An extended amount of time away from work is therapeutic. That being said, the pile of work when you return isn’t that awesome.

There is a wonderful resort geared towards military members and their dependents called Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. It’s about half an hour outside of Munich and a pretty drive from the airport up into the mountains. It’s kind of funny because the gate is just like any military base where guards check your ID on the way in, and they do random searches on vehicles, but once you’re in, it’s simply a vacation resort! How awesome that the military recognizes that MWR is just as important for mission readiness as anything else.

Our room a the resort was wonderful as noted below 🙂

DSC02801 DSC02802 DSC02803 DSC02804 DSC02805 DSC02806

This was our view from our room, not a bad view to look at when you wake up in the morning.

DSC02807 DSC02808 DSC02809

The blue street car is one of the first ones ever made. We got to see this on our way to our first tour which was a monastery and cheese factory!

DSC02810 DSC02811 DSC02812

This was the monastery. Very old, lots of history and of course I waited to long to write this post so I’ve forgotten a lot of the good historical facts…. *sigh*

DSC02813 DSC02814

This was a lot of our group. From left to right: Jake and Kim- I met Jake during command orientation, he works with radiation safety at the hospital, his wife Kim just graduated nursing school. Next there’s Kate and Matt- Kate is one of the pharmacists at the hospital. Then there’s me and Ben :)… Then Sam and Kyle who are both nurses at the hospital. Kyle’s active duty, Sam is civilian. And Renee is on the end, she’s another military nurse who works at the hospital. That’s not even everyone who came!

DSC02815 DSC02816 DSC02817 DSC02818 DSC02819 DSC02820 DSC02821 DSC02822 DSC02823 DSC02824 DSC02825 DSC02826 DSC02827 DSC02828 DSC02829 DSC02830 DSC02831 DSC02832 DSC02833 DSC02834 DSC02835 DSC02836 DSC02837 DSC02838 DSC02839 DSC02840 DSC02841 DSC02842 DSC02843

Ben was pretending to be a monk. While we were walking around the monastery grounds, we saw one who waved happily to us. Our tour guide was surprised because they usually are not very friendly to visitors. Ben did a pretty good job pretending to be one 🙂

DSC02844 DSC02845

All the people involved with helping at the monastery and cheese factory and where they were born.


Inside the cheese factory. Yum!

DSC02847 DSC02849 DSC02850 DSC02851 DSC02853

Delicious cheese samples!


Our lunch of weiners, bread, cheese, apple juice and cola/orange juice drink. Only in Germany?

DSC02855 DSC02856 DSC02857 DSC02858 DSC02859 DSC02860 DSC02861 DSC02862 DSC02863 DSC02864

The next day me, Sam, and Renee walked around the city on our own. It was wonderful and the outdoor farmer’s market was awesome!

DSC02865 DSC02866 DSC02867 DSC02868 DSC02869 DSC02870 DSC02871

Only Sam would cross the street in Germany when you’re not supposed to!

DSC02873 DSC02874 DSC02875 DSC02876 DSC02877 DSC02879

World War II Memorial

DSC02880 DSC02881 DSC02882 DSC02883 DSC02884 DSC02885 DSC02886 DSC02888 DSC02889 DSC02890 DSC02891 DSC02892 DSC02893 DSC02894 DSC02896 DSC02897

Next guided tour: Castles!! Poor Ben went skiing the day before and hurt his back pretty badly so he stayed home during this excursion. It was probably a good idea with all the walking, hills, and stairs we walked that day!

DSC02898 DSC02899 DSC02900 DSC02901 DSC02902 DSC02903 DSC02905 DSC02906 DSC02907 DSC02908 DSC02909 DSC02910 DSC02911 DSC02912 DSC02913 DSC02914 DSC02915 DSC02916 DSC02917 DSC02919 DSC02920 DSC02921 DSC02922 DSC02923 DSC02926 DSC02927 DSC02928 DSC02929 DSC02930 DSC02931 DSC02932 DSC02933 DSC02934 DSC02936 DSC02937 DSC02938 DSC02939 DSC02940 DSC02941 DSC02942 DSC02943 DSC02944 DSC02945 DSC02946 DSC02947 DSC02948 DSC02949 DSC02950 DSC02951 DSC02952 DSC02953 DSC02954 DSC02956 DSC02957 DSC02958 DSC02959 DSC02960 DSC02962 DSC02963 DSC02964 DSC02965 DSC02966

Later that night, we had dinner at a wonderful traditional German restaurant. Ben still didn’t feel good enough to go out so we brought him home some amazing food. He missed out on all the dancing and fun music though :/

DSC02969 DSC02970 DSC02971 DSC02976 DSC02977 DSC02978 DSC02979 DSC02980 DSC02981 DSC02984

Kelly is at the end of the table (a military nurse I work with in the clinic). It was her birthday so she was being serenaded by that gentleman with the accordion!

DSC02985 DSC02988 DSC02989

OMG best crepes with vanilla ice cream everrrr!


On our last day there, before we got on a plane to go home, we ended up stopping at Dachau Concentration camp. It was the most somber and heartbreaking experiences I’ve ever had. Historically, Ben and I have avoided concentration camps on our trips around Europe, but going through something so significant with a group of friends to help get through it seemed like as good a time as any.

DSC02992 DSC02994 DSC02996 DSC02997 DSC02998

This was my favorite picture of the whole museum. We didn’t take that many pictures, it felt a little strange. DSC02999 DSC03000 DSC03001 DSC03002 DSC03003 DSC03004 DSC03005 DSC03006 DSC03007 DSC03008 DSC03009 DSC03010 DSC03011 DSC03012 DSC03013 DSC03014 DSC03015 DSC03016


That sculpture was haunting and interesting. Visiting the concentration camp was a once in a lifetime experience. I’m glad we did, but it was quite overwhelming.

It was definitely an amazing trip. We were happy to visit Germany with a large group of friends. Hopefully we find time to go again next year because it was worth it. I didn’t do any skiing… I’m more of a hot chocolate by the fire kind of girl. And I think Ben probably regrets going in the first place because he felt so terrible afterwards. Either way we loved it and it was one of our most relaxing trips ever.


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