Perugia, Italy April 26-28

Ciao! this is the fun, short trip we took to Perugia, Italy.

Shortly after this trip, I started reading the book titled Waiting to Be Heard by Amanda Knox. She did a study abroad semester in Perugia and then got convicted of murdering one of her roommates, a crime she says she never committed. Her frustration is evident in the book when she talks about how dealing with a different culture made her situation even worse. I can’t even imagine what it must’ve felt like to be in her position, but I’m also glad that she’s been released. Let’s hope no more shenanigans happen to her.


As a nurse working on a ward in a hospital, it’s typical to get hired to work either day shift (7 AM to 7 PM) or night shift (7 PM to 7 Am). If you look at job listings, they usually list which shift you would be hired for. However, since I’ve been in the Navy, we’ve always had to rotate. I find myself doing 6-12 weeks of each, depending on leadership, staffing, etc. It’s not that bad because there’s a sense of comraderie that comes from everyone you work with having to go through the same sweet hell as you are. So we suck it up and do it. That being said, it’s super inconvenient!! Switching your body every 2-3 months is not easy! And when you work night shift, there’s something about “being a vampire” that zaps all your energy, even on your days off. There are even studies out there that say those who work night shifts have shorter life spans. I can safely say, that if/when I get out of the Navy, I will DEFINITELY be applying for day shift jobs only! Night shift is great for lots of reasons (less administrative personnel, usually a bit calmer as far as patients, and plenty of time to watch netflix or do other shenanigans if you’re lucky ;)) But it’s definitely not for long term, at least not for me.

I go on and on about this because our weekend trip to Perugia started after my Thursday night shift. We left that very same Friday morning I had just gotten off work. I’ve done this before, and actually trips are easier on night shift because you feel like you’re getting more time (even though you’re probably not). I was in struggle city for a majority of the day, and some of Saturday and Sunday too. But it was beautiful and well worth getting away from home for a few days to enjoy some of the countryside. Except for the punch in the face allergies that attacked me. At the ripe old age of 25, allergies have decided I was overdue for some misery. Lesson learned: Bring the Zyrtec!!! (Of course, during this trip… I did not)

Apparently communication was a little off before this trip even got underway. Ben has the wonderful option to follow my schedule and rotate days/nights with me. Unfortunately, he forgot to sleep while I was at work so that he could make the 3ish hour drive to Perugia while I slept. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep too well on the way there, for fear of Ben falling asleep at the wheel! He didn’t, and we were fine. But the second we got there, he collapsed on the bed and took a long nap!


this is how you keep the husband awake while driving…


Italian popcorn. They looked like little brains to me!


Sleepy but happy


some of the beautiful nature that kicked my ass that weekend

DSC00969DSC00970 After my 20th sneeze, I declared that I was allergic to nature. It didn’t stop the rest of the weekend, and I of course brought no allergy medicine (palm of hand hits forehead)

DSC00971 DSC00972 DSC00973 DSC00974

don’t you want to come visit and see these spectacular views?!?!
This is Amber and her kiddo Caleb, he was a great source of entertainment and fun on the trip 


Just look at that cute face. Such a happy baby! 

DSC00977me and leah 2

Eating at a restaurant with the same spectacular views as above

me and leah 
After our delicious lunch, we went to a couple places for wine tastings and then called it a night. When we got back to our cute B&B, Ben was just getting up! We journeyed farther than we thought we’d have to for some pizza. It was good, but definitely not Napoli pizza! And then we called it a night, amazingly Ben was able to fall back asleep and he and Caleb both slept the whole night through!

When we got up, Ben and I voted for some sightseeing and decided to go to Assisi!!

DSC00978the lovely town of Assisi!

DSC00979 DSC00980 DSC00981DSC00982 DSC00983 DSC00984DSC00985 DSC00986 DSC00987DSC00988 DSC00989 Thanks for that one allergies


Real Franciscan Monks! I was really excited about this!!

DSC00991 DSC00992DSC00993 DSC00994DSC00995The infamous hat. Why wear sunscreen when you can wear a hat! At least that was Ben’s thought process
(I brought him sunblock that he never put on!) 

I also went ahead and bought the value pack version of take along kleenex at this little shop. You know the kind people try to sell you when your car is at a red light. Those suckers were the best idea, and I still have a few left 🙂

DSC00996DSC00997DSC00998 DSC00999DSC01000 DSC01001DSC01002 DSC01003DSC01004

This lion? appeared to be eating a humans head right off his body. Charming


This is only the beginning of the steps that we were going to have to climb for some of the following views…

DSC01007DSC01008 DSC01009DSC01010DSC01011 Model status


This castle was gigantic and obviously placed very strategically. Higher ground always wins! As you can see from the coming pictures, this was basically at the top, and we walked up A LOT of stairs to get here!

DSC01013DSC01014 DSC01015
We stopped up here for a rest, Caleb had a nice snack, and we got to hear some of the church bells ringing. There must have been 20 churches ringing at once, it was beautiful

DSC01016 DSC01019DSC01020DSC01021DSC01022Back to town for some lunch. Roasted Piggy anyone?!?!


This was the view from our little B&B. We obviously picked a beautiful place to stay!
DSC01025The names of the donkeys on site. So cute.



DSC01028DSC01029They kept trying to eat our shoes!

DSC01030 DSC01031

artichokes are apparently in season (who knew?!, not me!) and growing in the garden at the B&B

DSC01032DSC01033DSC01034We played a little soccer. I’m an excellent goalie!DSC01035The flooded bocci ball court and cold pool! This place would be nice to stay when it’s even hotter out. (and with a couple allergy pills :))

We did a few more wineries throughout the rest of the weekend. Leah is PCSing soon (the Navy is moving her) back to the U.S. so that she can go to school on their dime and become a nurse midwife! So in preparation for the pending move she’s stocking up on as much wine as possible! I was happy to help 🙂 Even though I had been sleepy and sneezed maybe a grand total of 100 times, I was glad we went. It’s nice to explore other parts of Italy and Assissi was wonderful. We love all the historical places that are within reach, it always amazes us that places have stood the test of time.

And then it happened. Finally.

DSC01036What is that you say? Why YES, yes it is a pug!! DSC01037Italian pug looks unimpressed!

Our first and only genuine Italian pug sighting! Of course there are some on base (not including ours), and we’ve seen at least one in every city we’ve travelled to. But this is the first time we’ve seen one in Italy out in town! It was very exciting for us, we ran up to the lady like lunatics (like we always do to pug owners) ready with my iPhone in hand and the picture of our pugs pulled up so that they can understand our crazy. It’s wonderful, and Ben’s attempts to talk to non-English speaking people is always hilarious.
But maybe it’ll improve now that we’ve kissed the Blarney stone and therefore received the “gift of gab”…
But that’s a topic for another blog post, in fact, the next one. But sit tight that one’s gonna take a minute, and another nice, long, night shift 🙂


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