Barcelona, Spain

Things have been going fine since the last post about Prague. Ben and I are still on night shift, trying to make it through without too much boredom. He gets to focus on school and relax playing games to fill the nights, and I get to catch up on Hulu. A coworker let me borrow her Big Bang Theory and I watched all 5 seasons in under a week! It’s so funny!

I didn’t have to work on Thanksgiving but I did the night before, so I woke myself up early to throw the turkey I brined into the oven and went back to bed. We got to wake up a little later to eat turkey dinner with our friends. It was perfect and delicious. Esther made all the wonderful side dishes and I baked the turkey, warmed the ham, and made some pumpkin spice cupcakes.

I got a surprise 4 day weekend, aka previously unscheduled. Hooray! So I did the same thing I did last time I had one, and immediately started researching the cheapest place to visit. Luckily Barcelona popped up as the winner.

Nice things about this trip:
– We didn’t have to exchange our money for different currency
– We ended up staying one day longer than last time thanks to the flexibility of night shift
– We saw multiple pugs that made us fall in love with the city even more
– We had the same pug sitter as Prague so we were at ease knowing we could trust her and the pugs would get plenty of loving
– The bed we slept on was super comfy (the one in Prague was awful)
– We felt like there was constantly something left to do or see, we wanted to have more time there
– I am excited to plan a return trip when it’s warm outside!
– Our airline assigned our seats so there was no seat finding anxiety

Unfortunate things about this trip:
– I did not do my best hotel research and ended up picking a hotel pretty far from the center with no good nearby public transit choice- oh well unforeseen benefit was our guaranteed daily 40 minute walk to the center of the city.
– We lost one of our awesome souvenirs on our tour bus 😦 and had to buy a new one..
– People on airplanes are still annoying even with assigned seats… I think it’s just an airplane thing that brings out the worst in a lot of people (not everyone is that bad) that gets to me, it’s just more annoying when I can’t understand what they’re yelling at me and they don’t understand what I’m yelling back at them
– I bought a book to read at the aeroport that completely sucked. ugh i hate when that happens

Regardless of the unfortunate moments, we had a great time. I definitely wish I was better at Spanish and Italian. Our most charming taxi ride was an old Spanish man who spoke a minuscule amount of English. When I understood him say he knew Italian and I told him we understood poco, he talked a lot! I understood a lot of it too! I was quite excited, it just makes me want to learn even more. The TV in our hotel room only really had an MTV like channel and news channels in English. However, it was funny to watch well known American shows with dubbed over Spanish.  I found myself telling Ben that I could see us living in Barcelona. I assume I’ll fall in love with random cities we visit while stationed here over and over again. However, I do still miss the comfort and familiarity of home and my family. I guess we’ll see, anything is possible.

I’ll be working the night of Christmas Eve on into Christmas morning this year. I get the next two nights off before going back to work so no time to visit somewhere cool, but hopefully next year. I go back to day shift the middle of January, when we can return to being useful members of society 🙂 This way the pugs can see more day light too. I think Galway gets seasonal affective depressive disorder when I’m on night shift…


2 thoughts on “Barcelona, Spain

  1. Beautiful city. I’m glad that you two are experiencing all that you can soak up. OH…by the way…I think that I get seasonal affective depressive disorder when you’re away.

  2. so jealous. Glad you guys have the chance to travel!! Looks Beautiful 🙂

    PS. love love love Big Bang Theory

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