Prague, Czech Republic

It didn’t take as long as I thought it would to get my first 96 hour special liberty. To a Navy nurse that means a lot! I got 4 consecutive days off in a row, and that is the perfect opportunity to do some travelling. Even better, I was going to night shift when I came back to work, so it felt like I had more time. I asked for a lot of advice from my coworkers on where we should go or look for deals. After looking up a lot of sites and playing with the options, we finally settled on Prague!

One of my coworkers clued me in on this great group that hosted free tours in major cities across Europe and even some in the U.S. We signed up and really only had plans to go on that tour and wander around for the amount of time we were going to spend there. I think our pictures tell it all, I tried to make sure each one described what was going on or what we were seeing.

Overall, it was a beautiful and wonderful city to visit. We did A LOT of walking, looking around, absorbing the culture, and eating! The worst part of the whole trip was boarding the plane. It was needless unorganized chaos and slightly frustrating. I still haven’t decided if the low ticket prices are enough to go through it again. We shall see the next time I get some time off, which doesn’t seem to be coming up any time soon…


2 thoughts on “Prague, Czech Republic

  1. Loved the pictures and the captions on the pictures. Unbelievable history and architecture. What a wonderful experience and memory for both of you.

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