Exploring Our Backyard

Friday we celebrated being here in Naples, Italy for exactly one month! We have successfully chosen a place to live, moved in, recieved (most) of our household goods, unpacked, and settled into a routine. We get our “Express Shipment” tomorrow while I’m at work. Hooray!!! We still need to get some rugs to help make it feel more homey.

I even took my Physical Readiness Test (PRT)! It used to be if you moved from one duty station to the next within ten weeks before the PRT, then you didn’t have to take it. Maybe a silly rule for an inside US move, but I was all about taking advantage of it for this overseas move! Lo and behold they recently changed the rules and I had to take it… Thankfully I continued to exercise during leave and when we arrived here, but I certainly didn’t feel as ready as I normally do. Normally I do the push ups and sit ups with the group and then choose the bike for my cardio portion of the test because it’s easier with less stress. Somehow I scheduled it wrong online. Instead of booking my appt for the bike at 1500 like I thought, I booked it for 1030… When I showed up at 1500 for my PRT they told me I missed my PRT and that this was the last time they were running the test for the rest of the PRT season… I was stuck. I had to run it outside or else I would automatically fail and have to go on FEP (the fitness enhancement program) Failing a PRT is a big deal in the Navy so I decided to suck it up and run. It was super hot outside and I had stopped running for about 8 days prior to the PRT to practice the bike. I wasn’t completely out of running shape, but definitely enough to feel slow. Thankfully I passed all portions of the test no problem! Not too shabby for not feeling fully adjusted 🙂

At work I’ve also been settling in to a routine. I’ve gotten to know my coworkers a little better and some of the policies and procedures on the unit. It’s definitely a different philosophy at this hospital, we’re more like a small community hospital than a big medical center like the one in Portsmouth (obviously). It just means our resources are more limited and we have to be more creative. Luckily I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone and getting into the groove of how things run here. The fundamental nursing part isn’t so different. I just hope I can catch on quickly to the Labor and Delivery portion that I have little to no experience in :/

I was adamant that we do some travelling this weekend. I figured being a month in and not seeing anything outside of the immediate area was doing ourselves a disservice. So we decided to check out places we could visit on a day trip.

On Saturday we went to Positano, a short hour and a half commute from our little base. It’s a city located off of the Amalfi coast. It was a beautiful drive, the food was amazing, the art was abundant, but the shopping was a little expensive. I still got some little things anyways. Next time we’ll go to Sorrento to shop because Esther tells me it’s a bit cheaper 🙂

Today we decided to visit the ruins of Pompeii, it was only a 37 minute drive from base!! It was amazing to see such an ancient city and try to picture what it would have been like back when it was a thriving city. Also heartbreaking to think of the terror the townspeople must’ve felt when the volcano erupted. We were surprised to realize just how far away the volcano was from the city, and how large the city was. Our feet are all definitely tired from walking around this weekend!

This is our gallery. The first pictures are our house. The second set of pictures is Positano. The last set of pictures is Pompeii, it starts with the picture of us walking into the entrance. Enjoy! 🙂


One thought on “Exploring Our Backyard

  1. Everything sounds so wonderful and the pictures are great. I do want to remind you that I told you so. Being stationed at a “training command” can suck the mojo right out of a person. You are surrounded by people who either have no clue or have already experienced the fleet and can’t latch on to the whole training experience. Now that you are at an actual command and the chain of command is clear, you will thrive. It’s a different world altogether.

    You and Ben look fantastic and happy. That’s a great thing to see. I have my auto-email-responders set up on about 3 different websites to inform me about air fares to Naples. Hoping the prices come down a bit.

    Keep up the posts and the pictures. Skype soon. LOVE YOU!!!


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