Settling In

So we’re finally starting to have everything come together. I feel more and more like I actually live in Naples, Italy.

We moved into on base housing. Not too long ago there was a mandatory live on base policy, but now that it’s been lifted, a lot of people decide to live out on the economy. Ben and I are thankful for that because it means more availability for us! We moved into our housing super fast and only lived in the Navy Lodge hotel for 10 days!!! We also lucked out because one of the bigger units became available to us by chance. We were ready to accept a smaller unit when someone just happened to turn in the keys to the bigger unit right before we sat down with the housing manager! We couldn’t be happier. Our building only has 6 units in it which is better than the ones with 12. It’s basically living in a condo. Of course the problem with that is we have upstairs and downstairs neighbors for the first time in 2 years and no backyard. We were spoiled I guess, but we wouldn’t change where we live for anything right now. It’s convenient and safe and probably the same square feet or a little bigger than the house we rented in Virginia.

I’ll post pictures once we get our household goods (furniture and everything else we own!). Thankfully that will be here this Friday!!! wooo hoooo. Unfortunately our “express shipment” which is a smaller shipment of household goods that excludes furniture, is not even here yet :/ It’s sitting in Rammstein, Germany and keeps getting shipped between there and Aviano, Italy (not sure exactly where those places are). It’s purpose is to contain all the important clothing, bedding, towels, kitchen items, bathroom items, and any other miscellaneous things we would need right away… And of course it’s not here. Allora, I guess it’s our introduction/welcome to Italian life 😉

The most travelling we’ve done so far has been the surrounding area. We’ve relied on friends we’ve met to explore or have show us around. We found the Ikea! very important. And also the Italian version of Home Depot called Leroy Merlin… We went to the Campania mall and I had a good time shopping with my new friend Esther. I bought a lot of new scarves to fit in here with the Italian fashion ;). Esther’s husband Jason and Ben get along really well! I’m so glad we met a couple that we like so much and can explore Italy with since it’s their first time here too! They have a son named Raleigh whose 5 years old and full of energy. It’s a little bittersweet when he reminds me of James but he’s a huge sweetheart and is in love with the pugs!

The best restaurant we’ve been too so far was in a town? called Bacoli. The restaurant grew or made I think 75-85% of it’s own food. It was up the steepest driveway I’ve ever been on, in a car that I wasn’t sure was going to make it! Ben and I took a huge sigh of relief when we made it to the parking lot at the top! The view was breathtaking and “”dinner” was delicious and filling. All we ordered was the antipasti, which is supposed to be the appetizer. Plate after plate of food kept coming out and before we could order the Primi or Secondo courses, we were all too stuffed! We will definitely be going back to that ristorante! At the end of the meal we even got a fireworks show. We’ve learned that’s not too uncommon in our area. Apparently Fourth of July type fireworks are very common, easy to get, and cheap here at least in the Naples area, and the Neapolitans shoot them off for birthdays, saints days, or anytime they feel like it 🙂

view from our table, we sat right on a cliff!


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