Our First Week in Naples

We left off checking into our hotel and getting settled. The six hour time difference between Italy and Michigan was a little rough for Ben and I. We ended up going to bed around 4am and I really only fell asleep at 0630! Around 1100 that morning, my sponsor (someone assigned to help me by the Navy who knows the area well) called me up and told me it was about time to come into work and try to do some checking in… I was tired but knew there wasn’t really a choice!

“Checking in” involves going to the hospital and walking around to different departments like housing and HR to let them know I’m here. Not very exciting but that’s the way it is.

 i’m official now!!

walking around on base, and our view of Mt. Vesuvius

the commissary and NEX

Friday was our first day of “Area Orientation”, a mandatory week long brief including different things we should know about the area and about living on base. That first day was definitely rough. Our weekend was all about catching up on sleep and walking to the NEX and commissary to get all the things we needed such as food, phones, and exchanging dollars for euros.

On Sunday, we told my sponsor that we’d love to go in town to look around. They were gracious enough to take us to a cute Americanized restaurant in the nearby town of Gricignano called Arizona’s. It was great to drive through town and on all the narrow roads we heard about. We were told Italians don’t even start thinking about eating dinner until 8 or 9 at night, and it couldn’t have been more evident. We got to the restaurant at 7pm and were the only four people there! By the time we left only two other families ended up coming in and it was nearing 9pm by then. As Americanized as the restaurant was, the food was all Italian and the pizza was delicious!!!

driving through town

our first ever neapolitan pizzas and our coca cola lights haha

we’re such tourists… 🙂 it was delicious!

my wonderful sponsor Jenny and her husband Dave

It was a great weekend to get caught up and refreshed. Monday started our week long process of area orientation. We learned a lot of things about the base, the area, and most importantly, Travel!

Today was the last day of orientation and it included a field trip to downtown Naples. We gained some experience using the buses, trains, and cable cars. It was crazy hot, crowded, and wonderful! I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted because of course my phone died 😦 But we will definitely be going back, after all it’s right down the street. How’d we get so lucky?!?!

 our view on the bus bright and early in the morning

our death trap walk to the train stazione

There was graffiti EVERYWHERE! such a shame because it could be so pretty!

waiting to take our first Italian train ride 🙂

downtown Naples (Napoli)

Fish mongers everywhere! This is where I need to take my mom 🙂

and fresh fruit of course!

our first Italian donuts (frappa) and cappuccino at a wonderful caffe!

I don’t even remember the name of this place but it was beautiful and wonderful. There was a lot of shopping around to be done! 🙂

More to come next week because this weekend is sure to be fun and then we move into our housing on Monday and Tuesday! Hooray!!!


One thought on “Our First Week in Naples

  1. What a wonderful experience for both of you. I actually welled up and got a lump in my throat reading through your week. I think partly because it sounded so very familiar to me. Everything is new and different and exciting. You try to soak everything up with your eyes and ears and all of your senses. Sometimes it’s hard to catch your breath because there is so much and it’s all so…well Foreign. Loved the fish market where WE BOTH KNOW…your mom will want to visit on our very first day!!! Do I need to buy you guys a new camera for Christmas? Maybe like my Kodak that has video camera capability? Let me know because it is on my list.

    We love you all and I love living vicariously through your new experiences. Keep the posts and the pictures coming. Live, Love and Laugh every day and know that your number one fans are missing you very much!!!


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